I am interested in how groups of people converge on shared ways of recalling their collective past:

How does remembering socially differ from remembering alone?

How selective retrieval in conversation reshapes memories

How social network factors impact convergence on collective memories

How central speakers, broadly construed, influence collective memories, and the problem of reception

How different communities remember national collective memories

How moral values influence how people produce collective memories

I'm also very interested in distributed and extended approaches to cognition.

  • B.A., University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 2008

  • M.A., New School for Social Research, New York, NY, 2012

  • Ph.D., New School for Social Research, New York, NY, 2017


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    Jeremy K. Yamashiro
    Department of Psychology - Box 1125
    Washington University
    One Brookings Drive
    St Louis, MO 63130-4899

    Email: jkyamashiro@wustl.edu
    Office Phone: (314) 935-8839
    Office Number: Psychology 331B


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