What is Facebook in the social sciences?

In short, the purpose of this site is to provide researchers with a rolling bibliography of Facebook articles.

Scholars from a wide variety of disciplines have published Facebook-related articles in a broad range of journals and conference proceedings. The result is an impressive collection of research, but the fragmented literature makes it difficult to keep track of the various findings, especially given the exponential growth of articles (see chart below). We hope this site will help bring order and clarity to this burgeoning field of research.

To be included in the bibliography, a source must have: (1) specifically investigated Facebook (but not necessarily only Facebook), (2) been published in a peer-reviewed academic journal or peer-reviewed conference proceedings, and (3) reported empirical findings. The bibliography is organized in the above tabs by author (A-Z), category, and date published. The 'links' tab includes hyperlinks to other websites that might prove useful to Facebook researchers. Articles that did not meet all three criteria but were still relevant to Facebook are available in the 'other articles' tab.

The inspiration for this site came while writing our article “A Review of Facebook Research in the Social Sciences.” Wilson, R. E., Gosling, S. D., & Graham, L. T. (2012). A review of Facebook research in the social sciences. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 7(3), 203-220. doi: 10.1177/1745691612442904

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