Full-Time RA Opportunity in The Connectome Coordination Facility in the Computational Imaging Lab

The Connectome Coordination Facility in the Computational Imaging Lab (formerly known as the Neuroinformatics Research Group), is looking for a full-time, detail-oriented individual with excellent communication skills to clean, count, categorize, recapitulate, and otherwise advance the quality assurance effort for data collected under the Human Connectome Project (HCP) family of studies, in a code-assisted manner. This person will review study protocols and compare them with reports in IntraDB (the local XNAT database Instance holding MRI data at various stages along the image data processing pipelines), REDCap (databases holding clinical/behavioral data), and Trello (issue tracking for Behavioral data in various sources), and then coordinate with data collection staff, programming staff, and scientists at multiple sites to resolve problems and discrepancies, or systematically document why resolutions can’t be found, for the ultimate goal of preparing clean and complete data for public release to the scientific community (and associated levels of scrutiny).  Coding abilities with which to regularly and reproducibly tabulate issues from various sources/APIs will be most helpful if flexible enough to be employed with minimal support for environment reconfiguration from an Ubuntu or Centos (Linux) command line. The complete listing for this "Data Coordinator (Data Curator)" position from the https://jobs.wustl.edu/ page can be found here (job id # 50252) however, please ignore the ‘Required Qualifications’ accidentally left by HR staff generating the listing from a template.  We do not use Access,or require web development skills.