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The Science of #Slaying It! in College

Psychological & Brain Sciences 107 - Spring 2021

You have spent the last 12 or so years "slaying it" as a student. You likely have developed lots of effective strategies for succeeding in school. Recently, our understanding of what those successful strategies has greatly expanded. But, how do we know what skills are particularly helpful to do well academically? From psychological research! In this class you'll learn about the psychological research that has illuminated which strategies are most helpful when studying, when in the classroom, and when asking for help. We will focus on how to most effectively study, but will discuss other strategies as well. You will also be asked to apply these skills in the other classes that you're taking this semester, with the hope that you develop and refine the skills you already have and continue slaying it as a student. PREREQ: Students who participated in FSAP will be given preference. Open only to First Years and Sophomores with permission from the instructor.
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The Science of #Slaying It! in College
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