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First-Year Opportunity: Mindfulness Science & Practice

Psychological & Brain Sciences 111 - Spring 2021

Mindfulness is a term that is becoming increasingly used in popular culture to refer to a set of skills associated with increased attentional focus, successful stress-management, and improved health, sleep, and emotional well-being. This course will expose students to the various facets of mindfulness from both an applied and scientific perspective, by teaching mindfulness skills through a set of easy-to-learn practices and exercises, and by surveying of empirical research regarding mindfulness effects on cognition, emotion, brain function, and health. The goal of the seminar will be to provide practical skills that can contribute to personal development, emotional well-being, and academic success, while also developing critical thinking skills in learning how to read and evaluate primary scientific literature on mindfulness. Open to freshman only.
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First-Year Opportunity: Mindfulness Science & Practice
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