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The Infant Mind: Sophomore Seminar

Psychological & Brain Sciences 219 - Spring 2021

What goes on inside the mind of an infant? In this course we will explore a variety of hot topics concerning how babies experience the world around them. We will cover topics such as temperament (Do babies get mad?), language and communication (How do infants learn words and what if a baby is exposed to more than one language?), the effects of poverty on the developing brain (Does it matter?), social categories and relationships (Do babies notice differences across people?), and morality (Do babies have a sense of justice?). We will also discuss how to put child development research into practice, for example, by considering research relevant to policies concerning vaccination, early childhood education, and whether screen time is okay for babies. Students will have ample opportunity to interact with children at a local childcare center, where they can experience first-hand the research they are learning about in class. If you are curious about the developing mind, human nature, or considering a career in a field that involves children (e.g., education, medicine, public policy) this course is for you. PREREQ: Sophomore standing, and is open to students from all majors. Enrollment is restricted to 20 sophomores or permission of instructor.
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The Infant Mind: Sophomore Seminar
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