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Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Psychological & Brain Sciences 235 - Spring 2020

An opportunity to be trained in applied-behavior-analytic techniques and to work with a child with autism spectrum disorder. Training and supervision are to be arranged and coordinated by the family of the child and/or their consultant. To receive credit, students must complete two semesters of work with the child, complete the minimum number of hours of training and therapy, and attend any therapy meetings. In addition, students must attend all seminar meetings for discussion of assigned readings and presentations on autism and therapy. Completion of a paper in the second semester also is required. For fuller details, see the brochure "Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis: Autism Spectrum Disorder," available from the Department, or online at psych.wustl.edu/undergraduate-program. This course can be taken only once for credit. Credit/No Credit only. Enrollment through the Practicum coordinator only. Required Practicum seminar meetings will be Tuesdays, January 28, February 11, February 25, March 24, and April 7, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.
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Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis: Autism Spectrum Disorder
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