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Applying Psychological Science to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Psychological & Brain Sci (psychology) 122 - Spring 2021

Psychological science is highly relevant to daily life. In this course we will use introductory-level psychology concepts to explore aspects of the current COVID-19 pandemic. We will cover concepts from psychological subfields including health psychology, community psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and others; focused around four questions: (1) How have work, education, and socializing changed during COVID-19? (2) How do you encourage people to act in ways that promote public health? (3) What are the psychological consequences of COVID-19? (4) What is the impact of the pandemic across groups? This course is fully online. Students enrolled in day classes at Washington University should review the policies of their home division on credit earned for online courses.
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Applying Psychological Science to the COVID-19 Pandemic
INSTRUCTOR: Emily Cohen-Shikora
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