Advanced Psychopathology


This is an advanced course in psychopathology, or the scientific study of mental disorders. It will focus on conceptual foundations for the study and treatment of major mental disorders as well as the methodological and clinical issues that follow from their consideration. The overall goal of the course is to promote critical thinking and to foster the development of clinical scientists who will discover new knowledge regarding psychopathology. The course is composed of five sections that are concerned with: (1) the history or psychopathology and training in psychological clinical science, (2) causal models regarding the development of mental disorders, (3) the definition and classification of mental disorders, (4) epidemiology (including considerations regarding culture and gender), (5) descriptive psychopathology (i.e., the phenomenology of perception and cognition, emotion, volition, and personality). Prerequisite: Open only to doctoral students in clinical psychology or by permission of instructor.
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Advanced Psychopathology
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