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Psychological & Brain Sciences Research Labs

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Complex Memory Lab - Zach Reigh

F.H.I.R.E Collaborative - Seanna Leath

Wellbeing and Emotion Across the Lifespan (“WELL”) Lab - Emily Willroth

Control and Decision Making Lab - Wouter Kool

Attention & Performance - Richard Abrams

Attitude & Decision Making - Alan Lambert

Behavioral Economics Laboratory - Leonard Green

BRAIN Lab - Ryan Bogdan

Clinical Geropsychology Lab - Brian Carpenter

Cognition & Development - Lori Markson

Cognitive Control & Aging - Julie Bugg

Cognitive Control & Psychopathology - Deanna Barch, Todd Braver

Cognitive Development - Sandra Hale

Developmental Neuropsychology - Desirée White

Diversity Science Lab - Calvin Lai

Dynamic Cognition Laboratory - Jeffrey Zacks

Emotion & Relationships Laboratory - Tammy English

Emotion and Mental Health Lab - Renee Thompson

Head Research Lab - Denise Head

Memory & Cognition Lab - Kathleen McDermott

Memory & Complex Learning Lab - Mark McDaniel

Memory & Decision-Making - Ian Dobbins

Memory Lab - Roddy Roediger

Personality Measurement and Development Lab - Joshua Jackson

PsychLing Lab - Kristin Van Engen

Purpose, Aging, Transitions, and Health Lab - Patrick Hill

Reading & Language - Rebecca Treiman

SPAN Lab - Thomas Oltmanns

Speech & Hearing - Mitchell Sommers


Laboratories in the Psychology Department and at the Medical School allow faculty and student researchers access to state-of-the-art methodologies for the study of psychological phenomena. The department offices and research laboratories are housed in a new 105,000 square foot building that also contains spacious seminar rooms and teaching laboratories.

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