Criminal Typologies


This course examines a wide range of delinquent and criminal behavior, with special emphasis on the developmental, biological, learning and situational, and cognitive-behavioral factors that form the origins of criminal behavior. Deriving from the perspective that juvenile and adult criminal behaviors are continually influenced by multiple systems, we will also examine the social, economic, political, and ecological factors that interact to influence such behaviors. This course will consider the precursors to and typologies of delinquency; criminal psychopathy; homicide, assault, and intimate partner and family violence; multiple murder, school, and workplace violence; modern terrorism; sexual assault; sexual abuse of children and youth; burglary, home invasions, thefts and "white-collar" offenses; violent economic crime, cybercrime, and crimes of intimidation; and substance abuse crimes.
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Criminal Typologies - 01
INSTRUCTOR: Jennifer Siciliani
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