Digital Transformation Search - “Readiness to remember: Predicting variability in episodic memory"

Kevin Madore, Ph.D. Stanford University Postdoctoral Fellow


Episodic memory is fundamental to our lives, so what causes us to forget? While compelling answers to this question often highlight processes during the act of learning or retrieval, evidence now indicates that psychological states that precede attempts to remember also have powerful influences on whether those imminent attempts will succeed or fail. Using quantitative approaches, I present recent work from fMRI, EEG, pupillometry, and behavioral science to propose an integrative framework that explains variance in remembering in the moment and across individuals as a function of interactions among preparatory attention, goal coding, and mnemonic processes. I also consider how extensions of this "readiness to remember" framework can explain variance in high-level functions of memory as well as mnemonic disruptions linked to aging and multitasking with media. I conclude with implications of quantifying and harnessing memory preparedness interactions.


Topic: Kevin Madore Search talk

Time: Jun 17, 2021 02:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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