General - Teaching to Transform: Awareness as a Path to Social Justice

Marisela Gomez

Marisela Gomez is a mindfulness practitioner, public health scholar, activist and physician of Afro-Latina ancestry. Gomez has spent more than 20 years engaged in social justice activism, community building, and health research and practice. She is a mindfulness practitioner in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Interbeing. Gomez has studied and practiced mindfulness, and other forms of meditation, across the globe – including Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Colombia, Belize, France, and the United States. She authored the book Race, Class, Power and Organizing in East Baltimore and in her TEDx Talk titled, Overcoming Racism for Individual and Collective Wellbeing, she addresses what is necessary to overcome the history of racism, segregation and violence for the collective wellbeing of our country. 

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