Careers in Psychology!

I’m following up on the emails I sent out last year for a fun announcement - we received hundreds of referrals for people with unique careers in psychology, and we finally launched the book, Hidden Careers In Psychology this past week! 


We ended up including 61 interviews of the people with the coolest jobs in psychology, including the FDA’s Lead Health Scientist, a Senior Researcher at Twitter, an Aviation Neuropsychologist, and dozens more.


This was such a fun “passion project” for me, and I got to meet hundreds of people working in psychology because of it. Hoping this will shed light on the applied field for you as much as it did for me!


1.     A portion of all sales are going to benefit Doctors Without Borders - specifically their Emergency Fund for the Ukrainian refugees. 

2.     We are building a job board exclusively for psychology students if you have any who are interested, absolutely free for them to use at 


Appreciate you reading this little blurb! 


Kind regards,