Full-Time Research Technician Position Available in CCP lab at WU

Graduating Seniors (May 2022):

Full-Time Research Technician Position Available 


The Cognitive Control and Psychopathology (CCP) lab is seeking to hire a bright, highly motivated and responsible research assistant to work on projects related to the neural basis of individual differences and aging effects on motivation and cognitive control (see below). This position would provide excellent preparation for individuals seeking further research experience and preparation prior to beginning graduate or medical school.    


We are hiring a full-time research technician to work on the projects described below. We are looking for someone to start FULL-TIME by May/June 2022, but ideally would like someone who could start part time before then. 


If you are interested, please send a resume to both Todd Braver (tbraver@wustl.edu) and Carol Cox (ccox@wustl.edu).  Please include information about when you will graduate and whether you could start part time before you graduate



PURPOSE: This position is for a full-time research technician (with benefits) to work on research projects examining the neural and psychological causes of individual differences in cognitive control function, and age-related changes (i.e., comparing younger and older adults) in the interactions of motivation and cognitive control.  



1)    Administering functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) protocols to study participants

2)    Administering behavioral testing protocols with computerized cognitive and neuropsychological tasks

3)    Assist with preprocessing and quality control of brain imaging and behavioral data, including data entry

4)    Assist with recruitment and scheduling of study participants.

5)    Assist with management and organization of study files and data.

6)    Perform other miscellaneous duties as assigned



Equivalent of Bachelor's Degree in Psychological and Brain Sciences, Cognitive Neuroscience, PNP, Neuroscience, or a related field.



Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail are required

Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work well in teams

Must have good problem-solving and decision-making skills in working with participants and task administration
Good computer skills preferred

Prior research experience preferred