Part-time on campus job opportunity with a mental health accelerator

Title: Part-time (<10 hrs monthly) on-campus opportunity with a mental health accelerator (incubated by the Harvard Innovation Labs)   


Ignite Mental Health is a non-profit mental health accelerator and mobilizer incubated by the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Incubation Program which is working towards accelerating solutions in mental health focused on university and high school campuses throughout the United States.     


They have reached out and mentioned it may be of interest to share with our members. They have several openings for part-time on-campus (<10 hours per month) term positions such as ‘Social Impact & Advocacy College Campus Lead‘, ‘Political Advocacy Campus Ambassador’ & ‘Marketing/ Communications & Advocacy Campus Ambassador’ which you can learn more information about on 


They’re accepting applications (takes less than 3 minutes to complete) over the next 4 days with start dates throughout October/November for well suited candidates.