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You are receiving this email as a part of Yale Psychology Diversity Committee's Undergraduate Outreach Listserv.  Many lab manager and research assistant positions in psychology are advertised by word of mouth, obtained through networking, or influenced by the institution an applicant attended.  This structure of employment advertising is inherently biased and puts historically underrepresented minorities and students at non-research focused institutions at a distinct disadvantage. It is our hope that, by sharing this resource, we will be able to advertise opportunities for full-time research positions or paid research experiences that would otherwise not be publicized to students at these institutions.
Our emails will be sent once a month.  We will only send opportunities that are paid (full time or summer positions), offer course credit, or provide services to students (e.g., Diversity Visiting Days).  As a recipient of this listserv, we ask that you share this and future emails with undergraduates or recent graduates interested in psychology at your institution.


Estée Rubien-Thomas and Kat Graves
Co-chairs, Yale Psychology Committee on Diversity and Inclusion
Yale Psychology Diversity Committee Undergraduate Outreach
November 2020 Research Opportunities 
1. Canada Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP)
Deadline: 2/15/2021
The SROP is an immersive, 8-week program to support BIPOC undergraduates who want to apply to graduate school in psychology, management, or neuroscience. The biggest part of the SROP is a small research project in the social sciences that SROP Students conduct in collaboration with a faculty mentor over the course of 8 weeks, from June 7 to July 30, 2021. The remainder of the SROP is spent on other aspects of graduate admissions preparation and professional development, including an integrated Graduate Records Examination (GRE) Preparation Course and presentations at a virtual conference.
The SROP will be operated remotely in Summer 2021. We will accept a total number of 15 students, but all eligible applicants will receive asynchronous professional development materials during the 8-week programme. Non-Canadians can apply to the SROP. However, Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents will be given priority during the review process.
2. University of Pennsylvania Full-Time Postgraduate Political Science Research Coordinator 
Deadline: Ongoing


The research team of Dr. Daniel Hopkins is hiring a Research Coordinator to serve as a data analyst and project manager for ongoing research projects.  This individual will collaborate closely with Dr. Hopkins and staff members of the Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies (PORES), the Institute on the Study of Citizens and Politics (ISCAP) and the Center for the Study of Ethnicity, Race and Immigration (CSERI) to help run aspects of on-going research projects. This research will focus on contemporary American political behavior. Responsibilities will include (but are not limited to) data coding and analysis, web scraping, survey data collection, conducting pilot interviews and exit polls, subject recruitment, reviewing relevant political and social science research, manuscript preparation, and preparing presentations about the research.
This position is a one-year appointment, with the option of extending the appointment for an additional year by mutual agreement.
Bachelor's Degree with 1-2 years of related experience or equivalent combination of education and experience is required.
3. University of Wisconsin-Madison NSF-Funded Psychology Research Experience Program in Psychology Department
Deadline: February 15th, 2021
The Psychology Research Experience Program (PREP) provides intensive mentoring and experience in scientific research and professional development to undergraduates from historically underrepresented populations — those from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, those from low-income backgrounds, those with disabilities, and first-generation college students — who have expressed and demonstrated an interest in a career in scientific psychology.


PREP is unique in that we have a focus on integrating principles and methods of data science into the study of psychology and neuroscience. The program features a balance of mentored laboratory research (approximately 30 hours/week), intensive “bootcamps” on technical skills (e.g., R and Python programming), faculty presentations, professional development and networking opportunities.
4. Yale play2PREVENT Lab Postgraduate Associate Position
Deadline: Ongoing
The play2PREVENT Lab is looking for an entry level Postgraduate Associate to join our ever growing team. The primary focus of this position is on the team member easily developing comfort in the use of our videogame technologies and being able to train community partners on the use of those technologies in schools and other settings. 
The Postgraduate Associate (PGA) will receive education and training through participation in the administrative and research tasks of Yale Center for Health & Learning Games. Under the supervision of project directors/research team, the PGA will participate in research activities involving the development and evaluation of digital health interventions and educational technology that focus on behavior change, health, social impact, and education.
The post-graduate associate will participate in research activities involving the development and evaluation of videogame interventions that focus on behavior change, health, social impact, and education. Responsibilities include: conceptualization and development of video game content material, recruiting research participants for focus groups and playtesting, overseeing gameplay sessions, assisting in focus group discussions, collection of and data management, data analysis, writing up study results, and presenting findings. May be required to work some evenings or weekends. 
The start this date for this position will be early winter 2020.
5. Harvard Phelps Lab Full-Time Research Assistant / Lab Manager
Deadline: Ongoing
The Phelps Lab at Harvard University, led by Professor Elizabeth Phelps, is seeking a full-time Research Assistant (RA)/Lab Manager to work on a series of projects examining the relationship between cognition and emotion. The RA will gain experience with all aspects of the research process, which could serve as a launch pad to graduate studies or medical school.
Primary responsibilities of the position include: (1) recruitment and screening of participants; (2) acquiring data from participants using behavioral, psychophysiological and brain imaging techniques; (3) data management and quality control; (4) manuscript and data preparation; and (5) general administrative duties to maintain the workings of the laboratory.
This is a two-year term position, with renewal dependent upon continuation of funding. A two-year commitment is preferred. Hours will vary week-to-week and will sometimes include evenings and weekends. When applying for this position please submit your resume and cover letter in our preferred format as one combined document (resume followed by cover letter).
Start Date: flexible, Position Duration: two-year commitment is preferred
6. Wellesley College Full-Time Research Assistant 
Deadline: Ongoing
We are seeking a full-time employee (35 hours per week) to serve as a grant-funded Research Assistant on several different projects relating to depression prevention in youth and families. This position will be located at the Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College, although our team is currently working remotely. The Research Assistant position will likely involve working on: (1) a large-scale, school-based screening/intervention initiative aimed at addressing the problem of youth depression and suicidal behavior; (2) a PCORI-funded primary care-based study comparing two different youth depression prevention programs; and (3) an NIMH-funded primary care Internet-based depression prevention study, the goal of which is to teach skills to at-risk adolescents so that they are less likely to become depressed. The RA will be trained to conduct clinical interviews with adolescents, and also will assist with school classroom presentations, literature reviews and administrative tasks.
7. Boston University Full-Time Research Assistant
Deadline: Ongoing
The Precision Brain Health Initiative at Boston University is seeking a highly motivated, proactive and collaborative full time Research Assistant to start in November or early December 2020. This position will be directly assisting with responsibilities relating to a new AHA/Gates Ventures funded Dementia Innovation Center aimed at developing an “Integrated Digital Technology Platform for Optimization of Precision Brain Health” and reporting to our collaborators in Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK)/ Early Detection of Neurodegenerative Diseases (EDoN) in the UK.
8. UT Austin Hamilton Lab Full-Time Post-Bac Research Assistant
Deadline: Ongoing
The lab studies computational cognitive neuroscience and is looking for a full time, post-bac research assistant with experience in neuroscience, psychology, computer science, engineering, or related fields. Possible projects: understanding development of neurophysiological responses to speech in the brain using electrocorticography, behavioral analysis of speech in noise perception, EEG/iEEG of naturalistic speech perception and production. To apply, contact Professor Liberty Hamilton on Twitter.
9. UCSF PRIDE Study Part-Time Clinical Research Coordinator
Deadline: Ongoing
The lab is searching for a part-time clinical research coordinator to work on a community engaged research study of LGBTQ+ adults. The PRIDE Study is the first long-term national health study of LGBTQ+ people today. The Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) will perform independently or with general direction at the fully operational journey level of the series to execute, manage, and coordinate research protocols, as directed by the Principal Investigator (PI); may coordinate the data collection and operations of a clinical research study under the guidelines of research protocols, UCSF and regulating agency policies. This CRC will facilitate collection of biospecimens within The PRIDE Study, which includes arranging the exchange of and transport of specimens with collaborating Investigators and staff and ensuring integrity and security of samples.
10. Washington University-St. Louis Full-Time Research Assistant  (search Job #49532)
Deadline: Ongoing



The applicant’s main appointment will be in the Laboratory for Child Brain Development (LCBD; in the Department of Psychiatry in the Washington University, School of Medicine, William Greenleaf Eliot Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (  The LCBD is dedicated to using multi-modal methodology to understand the trajectories of emotional development from infancy to middle childhood (with a strong preschool focus).  This is an ideal position for a candidate looking to gain research experience before applying to graduate or medical school.  The research assistant will be an integral member of this scientific team and will have opportunities to earn authorship on publications and present posters at scientific meetings.  For more information, please contact Dr. Perlman directly at

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