RA Position Bradley Hospital Pediatric Neuromodulation


Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital

Bradley Campus Research Unit: Kavanaugh/Radoeva

Research Assistant Position


Brian Kavanaugh PsyD ABPP (pediatric neuropsychologist) and Petya Radoeva, MD PhD (child psychiatrist) at Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital are recruiting a research assistant (RA) for their current research programs, which are utilizing neuromodulation and neuroimaging approaches to investigate the neurobiological underpinnings of childhood psychiatric disorders.

The RA will spend 80% of their time in Dr. Kavanaugh’s research, which is investigating non-invasive brain stimulation in adolescent psychopathology. The RA will spend 20% of their time in Dr. Radoeva’s research, which is utilizing functional neuroimaging in autism spectrum disorder.

These projects are funded by The National Institute of Health and multiple scientific foundations. This is a fulltime position expected to start in June 2022, with an initial period of evaluation. A two-year commitment is preferred. This research experience would be helpful for candidates interested in applying for graduate and/or medical school in the future.


Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, neuroscience or related area, including courses in research methodologies and neuropsychology/neuroscience. Minimum of six months of undergraduate or post-graduate research experience in related approaches. Ideal, but not required: prior experience a) administering clinical or neurocognitive measures, b) utilizing MATLAB/Python or other programming, c) experience with REDCap, d) working with children or working in clinical/hospital settings.


Review medical records and communicate with clinical providers to share study information and recruit study participation.

Conduct neurocognitive assessments and diagnostic interviews.

Screen potential participants and determine final study eligibility.

Regularly communicate via phone and email with study participants/parents.

Accurately score, store, organize and maintain multiple study databases.

Assist with research budget purchases and organization.

Assist with documentation to FDA and IRB.

Clean and analyze data, conduct literature review searches, and assist in presentation/manuscript/grant preparation.

Additional Components

Excellent organizational skills and careful attention to detail.

Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Strong oral and written communication skills.

Knowledge of computer programming and ability to learn EEG/MRI data analyses

How to Apply

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume/CV to Brian Kavanaugh PsyD ABPP at Brian_Kavanaugh@Brown.edu. We will review applications as they are received and contact applicants to extend interview invitations.