Summer Job Opportunity for Psychology Students


My name is Marisa Smith, and I am the Program Director for the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) for the Psychology and Neuroscience Program at Vanderbilt University.

The National Student Leadership Conference is a summer academic and leadership program for high school students. This program will provide students with a remarkable opportunity to meet healthcare professionals, established healthcare facilities, and develop their leadership skills through hands-on clinical simulations in diverse fields of healthcare. 

I am currently in the process of hiring staff for this summer and am interested in the position being advertised at your university and to every student under pre-health advising. Our Team Advisor (TA) and Assistant Team Advisor (ATA) positions are an amazing employment experience and networking opportunity for undergraduate students, specifically those studying the health sciences, and I would love to have some qualified students on my staff representing Washington University. More information about the position and requirements for it can be found here 

Benefits include:

· Stipend per 9-day session

· Room and board

· Travel accommodations

· Tours of local medical school, psychology and neuroscience organizations, and the chance to speak with guest speakers from associated fields

For more information about NSLC and our programs, please visit