Undergraduate Student Research Opportunity

Dr. Lauren Fowler and her study team at the Center for Healthy Weight and Wellness at the medical school ( https://healthyweightandwellness.wustl.edu/) are looking for an undergraduate student to get involved in a community-engaged mixed methods investigation of intersectional minority stress experiences, weight-related behaviors (eating, activity), and mental health among women who identify as sexual minorities (https://reporter.nih.gov/search/b2KG06DoXkaLoSt6R2fyAA/project-details/10507447).


 The internship is completely remote, anticipated to be about 5-10 hours per week for Spring 2023. The student can receive school credit equivalent to the number of credit hours they work. The student will contribute to protocol development, participant recruitment through social media, survey development, and help us recruit and engage a diverse group of sexual minority women to represent a community advisory board for the study. The student may be asked to assist with other tasks related to other sexual and gender minority health projects being conducted in the lab. 


The researchers ask only students seriously interested in sexual minority health work apply for the position. Please send CVs or resumes to lauren.fowler@wustl.edu.