Alison Tuck

Graduate Student

Alison is a fourth-year PhD candidate in the clinical psychology doctoral program at Washington University in St. Louis. She is interested in the intersection between clinical and social sciences and in how these domains interact to influence mood and emotion regulation, with a particular focus on Major Depression and anxiety disorders. Some of her specific interests include the influence of social media on emotion and mental health and the role of interpersonal emotion regulation in the course and etiology of mood disorders. Much of Alison's research is focused on using mutli-method designs to examine (1) how social media use influences psychological wellbeing, and (2) how people use social media specifically to influence their emotions and wellbeing. She examines these bi-directional associations across ages, spanning from adolescents to older adults, and clinical status (e.g., those high versus low in depressive symptoms). Alison graduated with a B.A. in psychology from Binghamton University in 2016. She spent one year working as a research assistant at Yale University followed by two years working as a project coordinator at UC Berkeley before joining Dr. Thompson’s lab at WashU.

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