Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft

Associate Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
M.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
B.A., University of Notre Dame
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    Ellen Fitzsimmons-Craft's research focuses on increasing access to evidence-based care for eating disorders and other mental health problems.

    Fitzsimmons-Craft's research is focused on harnessing technology for the prevention and treatment of mental health problems, mental health screening, and training in evidence-based treatments, with a specific focus on eating disorders. Ultimately, her work aims to disseminate evidence-based interventions from research to practice as well as to extend treatments in ways that will reach the 80% of people in need of care for eating disorders but who never receive services. In other words, Fitzsimmons-Craft aims to address both the large research-practice and treatment gaps that currently exist for eating disorders and other mental health problems, with the ultimate goal being to reduce mental health disparities and promote equity in access to and quality of care. Additional foci of her research include the sociocultural etiological and maintenance factors for eating disorders and eating disorders recovery, with the goal of this work being to improve patient outcomes.


    Selected publications

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