Ryan Bogdan

​Dean's Distinguished Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences
PhD, Harvard University
MA, Santa Clara University
BS, Santa Clara University
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    • Washington University
    • CB 1125
    • One Brookings Drive
    • St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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    Ryan is interested in understanding genomic and environmental factors associated with psychopathology risk (e.g., depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia) and their biological correlates (e.g., structural brain metrics, inflammation). He is interested in these questions from a developmental context and studies them across the lifespan from the prenatal period to later life.  He uses a variety of methods including molecular genetics, GWAS, fMRI, EEG/ERP, pharmacologic challenge, twin studies, behavioral assessment, endocrine and inflammation assays, and self-report in both healthy and clinical populations across the lifespan. In addition to his dry lab, he runs a small wet lab that processes biological samples (e.g., saliva, blood, other tissues).

    Selected Publications

    • Bogdan R, Johnson EC, Hatoum AS, Agrawal A. (2023). The genetically informed neurobiology of addiction (GINA) model. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 24, 40-57.\

    • Gorelik AJ, Paul SE, Karcher NR, Johnson EC, Nagella I, Blaydon L, Modi H, Hansen IS, Colbert SMC, Baranger DAA, Norton SA, Spears I, Gordon B, Wei Z, Hill P, Oltmanns TF, Bijsterbosch JD, Argawal A, Hatoum AS,* Bogdan R.* (2023) A Phenome-Wide Association Study (Phewas) Of Late Onset Alzheimer Disease Genetic Risk in Children of European Ancestry at Middle Childhood: Results From the ABCD Study. Behavior Genetics, 53, 249-264.

    • Hatoum AS, Colbert SMC, Johnson EJ, Huggett SB, Deak JD, Pathak GA, Jennings MV, Paul SE, Karcher NR, Hansen I, Baranger DAA, Edwards A, Grotzinger AD, Substance Use Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, Tucker-Drob EM, Kranzler H, Davis LK, Sanchez-Roige S, Polimanti R, Gelernter J*, Edenberg HJ*, Bogdan R*, Agrawal A*. (2023). Multivariate genome-wide association meta-analysis of over 1 million subjects identifies loci underlying multiple substance use disorders. Nature Mental Health, 1, 210-223.

    • Paul SE*, Hatoum AS*, Fine JD, Johnson EC, Hansen I, Karcher NR, Moreau AL, Bondy E, Qu L, Carter EB, Rogers CE, Agrawal A, Barch DM, Bogdan R. (2021). Prenatal cannabis exposure and childhood outcomes: Results from the ABCD study. JAMA Psychiatry, 78, 64-76. 

      A podcast about this study is available [here].

      PBS Nova featured this study in a documentary entitled The Cannabis Question (~31 minute mark), which may be viewed [here].

    • Baranger DAA, Demers CH, Elsayed NM, Knodt AR, Radtke SR, Desmarais A, Agrawal A, Heath AC, Barch DM, Sequeglia LM, Williamson DE, Hariri AR, Bogdan R. (2020). Convergent evidence for predispositonal effects of brain volume on alcohol consumption. Biological Psychiatry, 87, 645-655.