Shinhae Ahn

Graduate Student

I am a second-year student in Dr. Richard Abrams’ Attention and Performance Lab. My research interest includes a combination of cognition and action. More specifically, I am interested in how cognitive processes (e.g., visual attention, cognitive control, and working memory) and potential motor actions cooperate to achieve successful cognitive behaviors. Before WashU, I studied visual perception and cognition during my master’s program in South Korea. Later as a visiting researcher with Dr. Weiwei Zhang in UC, Riverside and Dr. Richard Addante in CSU, San Bernardino, I participated in studies about the effect of concurrent physical effort on cognition. A little bit more about me: I am a big fan of baseball and love watching games (especially Cardinals’). And I enjoy doing a puzzle when sometimes wanting to do a social distancing from Science.

contact info:

  • Advisor:Richard Abrams
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