Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis: Autism Spectrum Disorder


An opportunity to be trained in applied behavior analytic techniques and to work with a child with autism spectrum disorder. Training and supervision will be arranged and coordinated by the family of the child and/or their consultant/agency. Students must complete the minimum number of hours of training and therapy, and attend regular therapy meetings. In addition, there is a required seminar for discussion of assigned readings and presentations on autism and therapy. Completion of a paper in the second semester also is required. For further information and petition form, pick up the Practicum brochure from the Department. Credit/No Credit only. Enrollment through the practicum coordinator only. Required Practicum seminar meetings will be Tuesdays: September 12, September 26, October 17, November 14, and December 5 from 6-8pm.
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Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis: Autism Spectrum Disorder
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