Principles of Forensic Assessment


This course addresses a breadth of topics in forensic assessment through an examination of the methods utilized in this endeavor, particularly in the criminal arena. Students will become familiar with the administration, scoring, and interpretation of instruments used to assess competence to stand trial, criminal responsibility, malingering, and dangerousness, among other domains. Factors surrounding ethics in forensic evaluation, the dilemmas encountered in dealing with the diverse criminal population, and recent social and ethical criticisms of forensic assessment processes themselves constitute pivotal course content. Students will have the opportunity to observe and take a role in forensic evaluations through the use of critical examinations of forensic assessment instruments, the observation of case materials, and the completion of assigned course activities. This course is fully online. Students enrolled in day classes at Washington University should review the policies of their home division on credit earned for online courses.
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Principles of Forensic Assessment
INSTRUCTOR: Jennifer Siciliani
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