Psychology of the Good Life


What is the good life, and how can people achieve it? This discussion-based seminar class explores two aspects of the "good life": (1) "good" for oneself (living a personally fulfilled life), and (2) "good" for others (living an ethical life, being a good person). We will consider how psychological science can be used to conceptualize, uncover the causes of, and promote well-being for oneself and for others. There will be a particular focus on the ways in which these two aspects of the good life are in alignment or in conflict with each other. Classes will focus on critically evaluating research and integrating and connecting the weekly readings to students' personal research interests and lives, primarily through student-led discussions. PREREQ: Psych 100B, Psych 301/3011, and either Psych 315 or Psych 353 or Psych 367
Course Attributes: AS SSC; FA SSC; AR SSC; EN S

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Psychology of the Good Life
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