Seminar in Positive Psychology


This course focuses on scientific research relevant to the pursuit of happiness and well-being. Topics include the nature and measurement of happiness, the biological basis of positive emotions, an overview of positive trait theories, self-esteem, gratitude, mindset, the mind-body connection, physical activity, emotional intelligence, resilience, prosocial behavior, decision-making, willpower, mindfulness meditation, and the characteristics of successful relationships. As an advanced seminar on these topics, students will parlay their course of study into real-world proposals that universities could use to address the mental health crisis. PREREQS: Intro Psych 100B, and at least 6 units of either upper-level home based psychology coursework OR upper-level coursework from other departments related to well-being.
Course Attributes: EN S; AS SSC; FA SSC; AR SSC

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Seminar in Positive Psychology
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