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Social and Personality Psychology

In preparation for academic and applied research careers, the Social and Personality Psychology program emphasizes grounding in the basic theories and conceptual orientations of the discipline, with an emphasis on the cognitive and motivational underpinnings of normal social behavior. 

You will specialize in a subtopic that forms your area of research (e.g., stereotyping / decision making, emotion, self-concept, self-knowledge). 

This program also requires broad training in research design and statistics so you can approach research problems in a variety of ways and in a variety of settings.

Collaboration across training areas in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences and with faculty in other departments is encouraged as needed to meet your training goals.

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Other Success Stories of Our Area

  • D. Lisa Cothran (Larsen, ‘05): Professor, Alabama State University
  • Laurel Newman (Strube, ‘08): Assistant Professor, Fontbonne University
  • Keith Payne (Lambert, ‘02): Associate Professor, University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill