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Acceptance into the Honors Program is based on superior performance as evidenced by the student's record in undergraduate course work and the written agreement (Petition for Permission to Enroll) of a member of the faculty of the Department (or other approved supervisor) to supervise an Honors project. The student must complete 6 units of Honors work (3 units of Psych 498 and 3 units of Psych 499), submit an acceptable written thesis, and be recommended by the Department. Recommendation for an Honors degree will be based on the evaluation of the written thesis and the student's overall performance as an undergraduate. Students in the Honors Program meet regularly in the Honors Seminar to discuss their research and become acquainted with the work of the other students. Psych 498 is a writing intensive course. Further information is available in the brochure "The Senior Honors Program" available in the department, or online at: Writing Intensive. PREREQ: Psych 301 or 3011 and permission of the Honors Coordinator are required for this course. All students must meet with Dr. Sommers prior to registering.
Course Attributes: EN S; AS SSC; AS WI I

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Study for Honors
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