Exciting Fellowship Opportunity in Sports Psychology

American Board of Sport Psychology 2019, 14th Annual Internship/Research Assistantship/Visiting Fellowship Program in Applied Sport Psychology in New York City (at-a-distance program can also be arranged)

We are pleased to announce the American Board of Sport Psychology's 2019 14th annual Internship/Research Assistantship/Visiting Fellowship Program in Applied Sport Psychology. Over 150 participants, including undergraduates, graduate students and faculty from universities and colleges worldwide as well as practicing psychologists and sport psychology professionals and coaches have been trained in our evidence-based athlete assessment and intervention protocol. 

Cohorts of undergraduates have presented on research the APA annual conventions and other professional conferences. Our program has established a tradition of generating and preparing publications and making presentations on our various lines of research at important meetings. Program alumni have also continued their education in psychology, sport psychology and related fields as graduate students at top colleges throughout the United States and abroad. Our practitioner graduates include an Olympic sport psychology consultant and numerous sport psychologists who work with professional sport teams as well as practicing clinicians (psychologists/psychiatrists & allied practitioners). Many of our students have attended on study grants and received academic credit for completing our program. Two of our undergraduate students completed senior honors thesis projects that were based on our protocol, one at the University of Pennsylvania, the other at Wellesley college. 

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