Synapse Neuroscience Panel this Wednesday

The Neural Basis of Consciousness and Free Will


Dr. Keith Hengen (Neuroscience)

Dr. Todd Braver (Psychology)

Dr. Christopher Dorst (Philosophy)

Dr. Elizabeth Schechter (Philosophy)

Synapse Neuroscience is hosting “The Neural Basis of Consciousness and Free Will” this Wednesday, November 28th from 6-7 PM in DUC 276. The panel will feature four extraordinary professors debating the existence of the mind, brain, and applications to machines, technology, and more. Come learn about the brain and the intersections between neuroscience and other academic fields! It is beneficial if you are looking into any of these as potential majors or minors, and also great way to ask professors questions, learn more about fascinating topics, and listen to research in an interdisciplinary field. Join us for free pizza, donuts, and a fascinating conversation!