American Democracy Lab Podcast Series

The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences (P&BS) is partnering with the Gephardt Institute to produce a podcast series--The American Democracy Lab—hosted by Professor Alan Lambert from P&BS. 

The American Democracy Lab podcast

Referred to as “the great experiment,” American democracy has been tested as we strive to become a more perfect union.  We have witnessed deep divides in our country and now more than ever, it’s important to be able to see things from a variety of perspectives. The American Democracy Lab podcast at WashU brings together experts from different fields and backgrounds to talk about an issue or aspect of our American democracy and where different perspectives may converge.

Launched on President’s Day 2021, the American Democracy Lab podcast is presented by the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement in partnership with WashU Engage and the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences.

Episode 1: The Presidency features Dr. Steven Fazzari of the Weidenbaum Center and Dr. Peter Kastor of the Department of History

More episodes exploring our democracy will be added throughout spring 2021.