Clinically Oriented Research Assistant in the Vanderbilt Psychotic Disorders Program

Clinically Oriented Research Assistant in the Vanderbilt Psychotic Disorders Program


Full time research assistant needed to join a laboratory within the Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital focused on the study of psychotic disorders. Under direct supervision, the research assistant will be responsible for recruiting research subjects into various clinical research studies and assisting investigators in the collection and analysis of study data.  


In particular, the research assistant with help conduct a randomized-clinical trial (RCT) of a psychotherapy intervention for persecutory delusions. This will require a desire to work directly with individuals who experience psychosis as well as excellent organizational and data management skills. The research assistant will also assist with a longitudinal study of delusions. The research assistant will be responsible for performing psychiatric symptom interviews, administering cognitive tests, and carrying out neuroimaging study protocols.


The research assistant will be an integral part of the study team, will regularly attend clinical meetings and will assist with recruitment in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Additional responsibilities include assisting with the development of IRBs, database management, analysis of behavioral and brain imaging data, and assisting with manuscript preparation.  


The ideal candidate should be highly motivated and capable of working independently.  Individuals interested in mental health, the biological basis of mental disorders, and psychosocial clinical trials are especially encouraged to apply.  The position requires a high level of interpersonal skills, organization, attention to detail, and problem-solving abilities.  It is ideal for individuals interested in pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology (or related field). Minimum qualifications include a Bachelors degree in psychology or a related field (e.g. neuroscience, human development). Experience in a clinical research setting is highly desirable. Training in clinical interviewing methods, cognitive testing, and neuroimaging data analysis will be provided. This position is a 2-year commitment.


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