American Democracy and the Rise of Donald Trump: An Interdisciplinary Symposium

We would like to bring to your attention an interdisciplinary  symposium on the Trump presidency, to be held Thursday March 9th, from 1-4 pm, entitled  American Democracy and the Rise of Donald Trump. This event is being supported by funding from the Gephardt Institute and is co-sponsored by the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, along with the departments of history, sociology, political science, as well as the Weidenbaum Center.   Vice Provost Adrienne Davis will be delivering the opening remarks, followed by a series of brief talks.  The event is meant to be interactive and highly engaging, and we hope you can come.

American Democracy and the Rise of Donald Trump: An Interdisciplinary Symposium

Thursday, March 9
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. with Reception to Follow

Brown 100

The political rise of Donald Trump, and his ascendancy into the presidency, represents one of the most surprising and contentious events in American history. This symposium will consider these dynamics from a number of distinct but related interdisciplinary perspectives, involving leading Washington University scholars from a variety of different departments, including history, political science, sociology, law, economics, and psychology.
Speakers will include:

  • Adrienne Davis, Vice Provost of the University, William M. Van Cleve Professor of Law
  • Alan Lambert, Associate Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences
  • Peter Kastor, Professor and Chair of Department of History, Professor of American Culture Studies
  • Steven Fazzari, Bert A. and Jeanette L Lynch Distinguished Professor of Economics, Chair of Department of Sociology, Associate Director of Weidenbaum Center 
  • David Cunningham, Professor of Sociology
  • Betsy Sinclair, Associate Professor of Political Science