SIUE School Psychology graduate program


School Psychology is one of the top careers in the field of psychology. This is because of the nature of the work (you get to help kids!), a generous starting salary ($63,000 on average in the US), and time off in the summer. In fact, there is currently a national shortage of school psychologists, so finding a rewarding position where you want to live is not difficult.

Enrolling in the Master’s program in Clinical Child and School Psychology at SIUE is the first step to becoming a licensed school psychologist in Illinois. Once students complete this degree, they move on to the Specialist program, and then complete a paid internship in a school district. Altogether, these two degrees and internship can be attained in just three years. For more information on the program at SIUE and its many unique strengths, visit: To see a short video and learn more about the program, see For more information on how to apply to our program, see

Finally, we understand that students are concerned about going into debt. Because of that, we have a variety of grants and other sources that allow us to fund most, if not all, of our 1st year students. This funding comes with a monthly stipend and a full tuition waiver.

If you have questions regarding our program or the application process, please email me at