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Wilkins and Martin win grant to explore religious values and public virtue

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A new study led by Clara Wilkins, assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences, and Lerone A. Martin, associate professor in the Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, recently received an award of $187,176 from The Self, Virtue, & Public Life research initiative.

Understanding your biases

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Two WashU researchers who conduct studies on bias and its impacts, Calvin Lai and Clara Wilkins, explain the roots and consequences of bias and how we can potentially reduce it.

Q & A with Andrew Butler, associate professor of Education and Psychological & Brain Sciences

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Andrew Butler, associate professor of education and of psychological and brain sciences, studies the malleability of memory. His program of research addresses both theoretical issues in cognitive psychology and practical applications to education and mental health.

Synapse Neuroscience Panel this Wednesday

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Synapse Neuroscience is hosting “The Neural Basis of Consciousness and Free Will” this Wednesday, November 28th from 6-7 PM in DUC 276. The panel will feature four extraordinary professors debating the existence of the mind, brain, and applications to machines, technology, and more. Come learn about the brain and the intersections between neuroscience and other academic fields!

Exciting Fellowship Opportunity in Sports Psychology

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We are pleased to announce the American Board of Sport Psychology's 2019 14th annual Internship/Research Assistantship/Visiting Fellowship Program in Applied Sport Psychology. Over 150 participants, including undergraduates, graduate students and faculty from universities and colleges worldwide as well as practicing psychologists and sport psychology professionals and coaches have been trained in our evidence-based athlete assessment and intervention protocol. 

WashU Expert: Voter turnout differs with anger vs. disgust

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With an estimated $8.5 billion spent on political ads for the 2018 midterm elections, many Americans relished the arrival of election day simply because it meant an end to the torturous and emotionally exhausting barrage of political attack ads and news coverage.