group of professors

Our People

​​John Baugh

  • ​Margaret Bush Wilson Professor in Arts & Sciences
  • Professor of Psychology, Anthropology, Education, English, Linguistics, and African and African-American Studies

​McMillan Hall 243

Tim Bono

  • Assistant Dean, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Lecturer in Psychological & Brain Sciences

Somers Family Hall 315A

​Julie Bugg

  • ​Associate Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences
  • Director of Graduate Studies in Psychological & Brain Sciences

Somers Family Hall 453C

Robert Cloninger

  • Wallace Renard Professor of Psychiatry
  • Professor of Psychiatry & Genetics Professor of Psychiatry

    ​Steven Petersen

    • James S. McDonnell Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience in Neurology
    • ​Professor of Radiology, Emeritus Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, and Neuroscience

    ​East Building 2220F

    Anthony Schuham

    • Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychological & Brain Sciences